Duplicate Photos and Videos Fixer

Updated 2020-04-30

With Duplicate Photos & Videos Fixer Pro, find and remove duplicate images and videos is now easier than ever before.

The program makes finding, selecting and removing duplicates from you PC quick and simple.

Details description

Duplicate Photos & Videos Fixer Pro checks the image and video byte by byte to give you more accurate results. In addition to this, matching levels and other search criteria can also be set. Once all duplicate images and videos are detected you can preview the files and select what you want to remove. With the scan result you can either manually select all the duplicates or use Auto-Mark to select duplicate images and videos from each group. With these advanced features, you can get your photo and video library organized at once.
Easy to use: 1. Drag and grop photos and videos folder from exploer to scan. 2. Or Add photos and videos folder by Add button to add them for scanning. 3. Preview images: before deleting duplicate images or videos, preview them and decide which one to keep or delete. 4. Get images or videos details like file name, size, image dpi.

  • Use Guides

    Sanning duplicate photos and videos.

  • 1. On the "SEARCH DIRECTORIES" section, Click the "Add" button to add folders to scan.

  • 2. Check the options, such as 'Include Sub Directories'. The percentage is the similarity.
  • 3. You can also exclude some sub Directories.
  • 4. Start Scaning.
  • Operate the result

  • 1. Choose the items thoose you want to delete.
  • 2. Delete operate options.

  • There are five options for you.
    1). To Recycle Bin: Move the documents to the Recycle Bin.

  • 2). Permanently Delete: Delete files from disk.
    3). From List: Remove the item from current list and keep the file on the folder.
  • 4). Copy to Folder(Keep Files): Copy the files to another folder, it don't cut.
  • 5). Copy to Folder: Cut the files to another folder.
  • 4. Save the result information to html.
  • 5. Zoom list. If you feel the size of the list is a problem, you can adjust it.
  • Enjoy It.